Thursday, August 13, 2009

Made it Artisan Feature!

I have been selling the hair clips I make on an Australian handmade website or a few months now and the more I lurk around and check out whats on offer the more I realise how special handmade items and gifts are. Made it showcases so many talented people and the amazing things they make. Each item has been lovingly crafted and when you receive your package in the mail - it always comes presented with care and thought. As one of my aims of this blog is to get more people on to the buy handmade banwagon I have decided to showcase some of the special people I meet through places like madeit and etsy and the very pretty things they make. First up is Melinda at Here we go Loopy Lou who has managed to combine two of my loves- fabric and greeting cards. I couldn't resist her special greeting cards especialy as the russian doll fabric is one of my favourites (You might have seen it as a lulufroufrou hair snap) and I ordered them yesterday arvo and were already in the mailbox today. So if you love unique greeting cards or just want to get something special for someone check out her shop on made it now.


Melinda @ Here We Go Loopy Lou said...

Thanks for mentioning my cards Linda. I'm glad you love them! I love your shop too!

Lulu froufrou said...

My Pleasure :)

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