Thursday, November 5, 2009

Some Belated Thank yous!

Oh my darling blog I have neglected you - although, things seemed to have really slowed down on my google reader so everyone must be a little extra busy this side of Christmas.
For me, it has been a busy week with one grumpy, ill little munchkin, but also my baby brother had his 21st and we seemed to have one function after another, I also have been working on some exciting new projects and practicing my sewing skills as well - so looking forward to a much slower weekend this week.

I have a few thank yous that I have been meaning to blog about. Last week I got a message from Tricia from Flannel Fings letting me know that I had won one of her awesome demin recycled bibs so I picked this one but in pink

and while I was there I picked out this kerchief for Lou - which she loves too - but its so hard to get a photo of her though. So this one has to do...

 Tricia also has a fab blog called Little Eco Footprints - she concentrates her posts on her "family's journey towards living a more sustainable life and decreasing her ecological footprint", she also gives great tips and ideas on how we can do the same. Its definitely one of the blogs posts I look forward to reading. So thanks for blogging Tricia and thanks for my Lou's cool bib.

A big Thanks also to Tania from Chicken Ink. Creative once again who did all the hard work at the Annual Paynesville Craft Market last weekend and is off to another for us this Sunday. Thank you so much for sitting in the cold - Much appreciated. Just got a delivery of her beautiful fabric covered notebooks for someone close to me, that are going to some special friends of hers for Christmas.

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