Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Go Fabulously Green....

I have blogged about Carli's nappies before but felt it was time for Minilala's own post. Selfishly, at first it was her choice in fabrics that made me want her devine nappies for Louise. I mean go look at them - they are just gorgeous!

But really, having a 2 and half year old that is still in nappies {and is not remotely interested in sitting on anything that looks like a toilet} has made me feel rather guilty at the amount of disposables we have probably gone through. I purchased one of her one size fits most cloth nappies late last year and can't believe I hadn't done it sooner. Its been perfect for the hotter weather - as it is just so lovely - I'm happy to show it off {no cartoon Austalian animals in sight on these ones - not that I'm bagging Aldi at all - definitely converted there} and it just feels good knowing that at the end of the day, I have a lot less nappies to pile into the bin. These nappies go from Newborn to toddies with ease and wash up perfectly.
Next time round I will be doing cloth nappies a lot more and as Minilala now do gift certificates - this is where I will pointing my family to for sure.

Lou in her Minilala

{Careful not to drool on the keyboard}

If you go now she has just put up some lovely limited edition prints
- that will probably be all sold out by the time I post this...

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Carli said...

Lou is so gorgeous!! Thank you so much for the lovely blog Linda.

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