Friday, March 19, 2010

Note to self....

Dear Linda,

See.... I told you - it only took 7 weeks but Louise is finally happy at her 'little' Kinder. There was no need for all those guilty tears. She has made lots of friends and is comfortable there now. You should feel proud that you are raising a confident and secure child.
One that can interact with others her own age and play confidently without you around. See how much it warms your heart when you walk in the gate and she comes running to tell you all the exciting things she has done. How her teachers exclaim what an improvement there's been.
What has it done for you, you may ask? - well its certainly changed the way you feel.
Especially when you get to the gym and workout until you knees sweat. You walk out feeling exhausted but elated - its great to give yourself some 'ME' time. You feel confident and content, you know its for the greater good.
It helps you be a better Mummy, a better wife and most important a better YOU!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!!

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Chicken Ink. said...

Lovely post sweetheart!

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