Monday, March 8, 2010

Point + Shoot : 6

  I don't know why I didn't pull out my Camera at all this weekend
- Not that I didn't have the perfect opportunities.  

I had my hair done, 
went out for tea, 
meet a special friends baby for the first time, 
caught up with some friends,
made a heap of new hair pretties,
Spent all day Sunday bonding with the ladies at a function,
not to mention the CRAZY weather Melbourne gave us.
But seeing as technically its a long weekend {although hubby didn't have it off}
- I'm sure a photo from today will be fine,


My mum's been away for quite a while, so she was desperate to have Lou come and visit today - I took the opportunity to catch up on some sewing and organising for my next market on the weekend. I made some gorgeous heart garland to decorate the stall. Although it turned out so cute that I might have to save it for Lou's room.
Don't forget to join in the Point + Shoot fun here.


mommyholly said...

What an adorable photo!! I am dying to make something like that now, so thank you for the inspiration! :) xo!

Anonymous said...

love the photo ... sounds like great fun :)

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