Sunday, May 9, 2010

I tried to find just one photo of Louise and I for a Mother's Day post, but looking back over the past two years showed me a very different vision to how I feel. In most of them I just look so dam tired and disheveled. Which kind of sums up what Mums are all about - We give up our bodies, our social life, our careers, our mental state and our lounge rooms but find something so much more... and certainly wouldn't change a thing.
So here is a collage made up of itty-bitty photos of my life as a mum - so tiny that you can't see the bags under my eyes.
Happy Mother's Day!
Hope your having a lovely day

 {Oh and to my mum, who had 4 children - you are remarkable and we love you lots}


Butterfly Mama said...

I absolutely LOVE your snippets of your time as a Mummy! How beautiful. Have a great day. xx

Jen said...

Beautiful! plus I can't see a single bag :) happy mother's day.

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