Sunday, May 16, 2010

Point + Shoot : 14

Sunday 16th May 12.20pm*

You know those mornings where you stay up a lot longer than you should the night before and the children seem to know, so they wake up even earlier than usual, then begin whinging before you've barely rolled out of bed and boiled the kettle - Yeah, well this was one of those days.
Thank god hubby's cure for a day like this is to push us all out of the house, to go do something. Most of the time we don't even have a plan before we have jumped on the bikes or driven off in the car - just the way I like it.
Today we ended up finding this amazing French bakery and Fresh Produce Market then stumbled on this cute fella on the way home - Meet Bambam! We tried to steal him but he didn't fit in the car.

 *taken with hubby's iphone, forgot the camera AGAIN

Hope you had a great weekend.

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Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS photos :) I love those spontaneous days where u jump in the car with no plan and enjoy a family day of fun! Thanks for sharing! Have a great week.

Chantelle {fat mum slim} said...

LINDA! {Yes it requires capitals} That middle photo is to die for. Don't you think?

It's super cute. I wonder how the iPhone pics print?

I have a little thank you note to send you, and a little something as well. Hopefully will get it out to you this week, but just know it's on it's way. The clips arrived.. and we love them. Thank you. x

melissa said...

My hubby is great at getting us all out of the house on those days as well.

Beautiful photos. :D

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