Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Special Treat

The lovely folks at Kidspot Baby Club sent over a whole boxful of Johnson & Johnson products to test out and tell you all about them. 
As you can see my little girl got right into them and had lots of fun opening the bottles and checking out how they smelt.
(After these photos were taken and while I wasn't watching I found her covering her own 'little baby' in one of the creams - Lou said she was making her dolly all pretty)

Now, a couple of the items are already regulars in this household - I have used both their babywipes and bedtime bath ever since Louise was born.  The wipes for their texture, smell and size - LOVE THEM and the bedtime bath really does have a wonderfully soothing smell and leaves Lou's skin feeling so soft and clean.
I also have always LOVED the Baby Conditioning Shampoo - its got this nostalgic smell for me - my mum must have used on us, besides Lou HATES getting her hair washed so only having to go through the process once is a big plus for me.
I had never tried any of the soothing naturals range (the green bottles) and  I ♥ a good moisturiser.  I get dry skin in the Winter so I've kept these ones for me :) Its got a great smell, soaks in well without leaving you with that 'all greased up' feeling. The bottle is a nice size too, so fits into my handbag without feeling like I'm carrying a bowling ball around.
~Lets hope Lou's baby isn't too upset I've borrowed the creams~ 

Thank you Kidspot Baby Club we have enjoyed your box of goodies and don't forget check them out here or for facebookers here's a quick link to their page.


Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said... cute about Lou putting the creams on her baby sweet!
I also use baby moisturisers on my arms & hands in winter :)
And...lovely photos of your cutie pie xox.

Anonymous said...

Wow they sent you a lot of stuff - I'm jealous :P

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