Thursday, June 10, 2010

Well, we certainly got carried away...

So... some lovely friends, my mum and I held a little Sex and the City 2 shindig Tuesday night to raise some money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. We managed to fill 2 Gold Class Cinemas with lovely, lovely ladies. There were Cosmos, Goody Bags, a pretty big raffle and lots of laughs - not to mention raising $2000. How ace is that!?!

I loved the movie (except the part where I had to step out to calm my Miss L down over the phone) I had a great time and Thank you my lovely friends that joined us and everyone who purchased tickets in the raffle.
Now, I must give some LOVE these wonderful businesses who graciously donated items for the raffle - Without even a second thought these lovely ladies wrapped their beautiful items and sent them straight away. Thank you!

And to Jodie, Keren and Rochelle from my very special Mother's Group - Thank you for also orgainsing such wonderful prizes, I'm simply amazed at the generosity.


bec said...

ha! 'carried away' i love a good pun! $2000 thats fabulous! so glad i could help out xxx

Halle Jay said...

BIG WOW....well done Linda - glad it all went well for you xx

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