Monday, July 19, 2010

Point + Shoot : 23

Saturday 17th July 8pm

Its a teary week over here at our house, you see my baby brother is jetting off very soon to travel the world all by himself.  
The United States, Mexico then all around Europe - I'm so excited for him. I remember so well that feeling of being young and about to explore the shores of other countries. 
But I am also so sad for us staying home - I will miss him so much, not to mention how much hubby and Lou will too. 
There will be Birthdays and Christmas that we won't spend together and there is no return date so we cant even count sleeps.
Saturday night he had a going away party - Everyone had so much fun together and Lou loved being around so many people who love her so much. She wandered around the pub like everyone was there for her. I don't where all that confidence comes from -  certainly not her parents. I finally managed to convince her to go home with her Grandma - so that the hubby and I could have a night out with everyone.

So this post is dedicated to my youngest brother... Michael

Don't forget the other Point and Shooters are over here :) 

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Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

Aww that's sweet! I wish him safe travels! Looks like Lou is besotted with her Uncle! Do you have Skype? The best way to keep in touch with traveling family :) That's how we communicate with my brothers & Hubby's brother who live overseas :) Have a great week Linda xo

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