Thursday, August 5, 2010

No Photos Allowed... :(

So I couldn't get any snaps today :( but here is one I lifted from the Channel 10 site of... ME :) Yep - today a girlfriend and I got babysitters and went to be in the audience of The Circle - just for a little fun!

I really don't get to watch it all that often but find I am always having a great chuckle when I catch a bit here and there - what a funny show and It was so great to see behind the scenes. There are so many people involved and Chrissy, Gorgie, Yumi (hubbie's fav.) and Denise make it look all so effortless. Honestly if you get a chance to go - Do it... you will have a blast especially if you can fit in a child free lunch and walk around Chapel street as well.


Narelle said...

Oh that's unreal, I love that show!
Chrissy's my favourite, I loved her on Big Brother too.
Hmm, may have to get myself some tickets, I would be thrilled to be in the audience.
Glad you had a brilliant time.

Cat said...

That does sound like fun. I must admit that I've never watched it cos we either watch ABC2 or nothing during the day! "Benefits" of toddlers. I had no idea Chrissy was originally on Big Brother so learned something from Narelle! :)

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