Friday, October 8, 2010

Baked by Mum!!

Nothing beats homemade cookies... right?

How about getting the smell and taste of homemade cookies that you don't even have to mix yourself... just take the dough out of the fridge, roll them to the size you want, then pop them into the oven and they are done! YUMMO!!

I met Danielle and her fabulous "Baked by Mum" Cookies at the Modish Creators Market and have been meaning to blog about them for ages.  Such a great idea to have in the fridge, they are preservative free and they seriously taste fantastic. I love that the ingredients are actually real things such as butter, flour eggs etc and there are so many flavours to choose from.
The Trio Choc are my favourite - full of choc bits and oats just like I would want to make myself (if I could be bothered)... I also have packets of dark choc and cranberry and white choc and macadamia in my fridge waiting for the next set of visitors to pop in (so I can pretend I'm a supermum) and be able to offer fresh warm homemade cookies :)

Danielle and her fantastic Baked by Mum cookie dough will be at my favourite local farmers market tomorrow - so if your in the area - why not stop by... or they have a bigcartel shop to purchase from.
Psst... If even the idea of cooking them yourself seems a little tough there is also the option to purchase pre-baked ones as well.

When:  Second Saturday of every month.
Time:  9am - 1pm
Where:  Corner of Neerim and Booran Roads, Caulfield.
(entrance on Booran Road)
Entry: $2, children free.
Melway ref: 68 D4

You can find more info about Baked by Mum on her facebook page too!

Happy Weekend everyone!

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