Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday Wonderfuls...

~Christmas Countdown~

Between Louise's Gym Creche and her Little Kinder there are quite a few teachers we have to buy for at Christmas. I always like to do something a little different than the usual chocolates or soap - being from the early learning profession myself - I can tell you there are only so many of these you can handle each year.
So staying true to the Handmade Christmas pledge, it was only fitting I head over to my favourite shopping site Made it - of course!
I was thrilled to find these gorgeous little purses from Odds and Blobs and purchased a number of them to hand out out Christmas. The only hard part was choosing the fabric styles! 

Jessica also makes other cute items such as Handbound Notebooks, Sleep masks. Passport Holders and larger purses. Check out her Madeit store here and her bloggidy blog here!

1 comment:

bec said...

how cool is her stuff!
i love it all xxx

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