Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We're back...

Here is a few holiday snaps from our amazing holiday in Hamilton Island. What a stunning part of this fabulous country and The Great Barrier Reef ~ WOW!! We thoroughly enjoyed EVERY moment and Louise was in her element - pool, beach, friends, food and lots of laughs. I celebrated a Birthday there, held a baby Koala, ate amazing food (did not COOK for the whole week) and really, really relaxed. A highlight would definitely be the seaplane we took to the Great barrier reef and then dropped us on most beautiful beach I have ever seen to play for a while (truly a one in a lifetime dream moment).

Its so sad to come home and see the devastation mother nature has thrown Queensland and my heart and thoughts are with the people this is affecting as I type.

If you feel as helpless as I do why not join in with a number of Auctions and fundraising efforts currently underway in both the blogging and crafting community around Oz.

Here are a few links for you....

Lets hope the deluge ends soon!!

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