Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Pantry Makeover

If your a friend of mine your probably saying "What Pantry?" 
Yep its true...
I don't really have a pantry - it's really a bookshelf.
Its just the way my tiny kitchen is set out, there isn't room for one. So when we moved in over 10 years ago we stuck a cheap bookshelf in the only space there was, and that was it. I have this theory - the less money we spend on fixing and updating what we have the better. I can wait, its been a while but I can wait... why fix something half way when I can wait a few more years and have what I really want.
So this means all my dry storage is on show and every so often it really annoys me.
This time I decided to make it pretty, so it looked like I had made it a bookshelf on purpose.
I found these beautiful Mason Jars in a very cute Japanese $2.80 store (yes everything is $2.80) in my local shopping strip. I'm going back for more this week as I've taken a liking to them and food just looks so pretty stored in them.

I just put the labels together using Word and printed them out - they aren't waterproof but I figured I could just print them again if I needed too. As I already had labels - this little organising project cost under $10 and about half an hours work.  Its amazing how something so simple can totally change the look of something.

(Excuse the bottom self - Evie can reach that one so its just a pile of plastic drink bottles)

Hope your having a lovely weekend!!

1 comment:

CurlyPops said...

Love this idea! I constantly save all my jars and have no use for them. But, I most definitely could use them in the pantry.

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