Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bakerella.... not!

They are cute, but certainly not the real thing!! My very first blog that I ever, ever found a long time ago was the very special Bakerella - I look forward to her creations every week. Her Cupcake pops are amazing - you should see the detail she the puts into making things and she always does special things for the festivals like Halloween . Although I must say an honorable mention has to go to Alicia at The Red Deer for making the real thing last weekend. Well done yours look just as fab. I have Louise's birthday party next week and I wanted to make a few special things for the day - I had a little chocolate left over from the practice white chocolate mud birthday cake I am making for the day (Yes I'm so bad at baking - I needed to do a practice one first) so I thought I would attempt the cheats version of the Cupcake pop. I think that somehow I am going to put them on the big cake but I haven't decided yet. I didn't have any of those sprinkles but hubby had fun eating all the non-pink mini m&m's.
Now, I hope these aren't all eaten before Sunday.
I also had a chance to finish off the Party Bags for the four little friends that are coming and a few extras for my (adult) baby brothers, who I just know will complain if they miss out on one too :)! These, I am happy with - cute little Noodle boxes filled with some little toys and just a few lollies. Now, I just have to attempt those tissue paper pom poms ....


Jemma said...

Oh they are so cool, I must remember them for next time I am required to make something for playgroup or school - love them!

RACHAEL said...

What an awesome idea. They look very tasty.

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