Monday, September 21, 2009

Competition at Chantelle's Place..

I couldn't resist sending some hair pretties over to Lacey - Chantelle's daughter, she is so cute. You see Chantelle, for the few that might not know, is the author of the fabulous blog fat mum slim.You must see her photos they are always wonderful. She is also hosting a competition for me - so if you want in, pop over to her blog and join.
I hope everyone had a lovely weekend - we did! Look at this cake, isn't it wonderful? I can't take the credit though. My fabulous mother's group had a little party at the park for our 2 year olds and soon to be 2 year olds. It was so nice to have everyone there - including three tiny new additions. They have all become such sweet little friends. Here's a pic of Louise enjoying that cake..
(just ignore the giant bags under the eyes - she was exhusted) New clips have been listed in my Made it store too!


RACHAEL said...

It is indeed a great cake and I love those chocolate frogs. My mum bought some back from Melbourne for me. QLD unfortunately doesn't have them...that I can find.

Anonymous said...

the cake looks brilliant. Love the pond scene :) yum!

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