Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Christmas Gift Guide

The wonderful people at made it have started a fabulous Christmas gift guide blog with different goodies on show each day. They also let the sellers have a turn at picking their favourites in a catergory of choice. Yesterday it was my turn - I picked my five favourite handmade handbags because lets face it one is never enough. You can see them here. Follow their blog for a daily post of handmade goodness up until Christmas.

I have been working on some OOAK headbands for the upcoming Apex Kids Stuff Market - They turned out quite nice and lots of fun to make. They will be in my made it shop soon enough if they don't sell though.


RACHAEL said...

They are adorable headbands

bec said...

oooh sooo cute! id love some for myself! ill put up with the 'kids headband on a adults head' pain!

Unknown said...

Very pretty :)

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