Thursday, December 2, 2010

Infinite possibilities

A question was recently put to me that got me thinking....  

What do you wish you had an infinite amount of?

A few thing sprung quickly to mind... 
Red Rock Honey and Soy Chips
(hey.. I'm preggers remember)
An endless download limit

But ultimately if I really thought about it ~ without getting too soppy ~ It would have to be....


There is just something magical about the sun that gets our family in the mood for fun
 We love being out on a warm day, doing things together
Riding our bikes, walking the dog, running to the park
being together, living together

Its what makes our little family truly happy.

and if happiness can make you feel like the richest person alive, then do I really need anything from the first list anyway?

What do you wish you had an infinite amount of?

This post has been written for Vodafone infinite plans


Jess said...

We are a sunshine family too! There is nothing I love more than a picnic in the sunshine or a white wine as the sun sets :)

Of course, my very pregnant belly combined with Melbourne weather wont allow either of those two this week but there is always next week...!!

When are you due?

Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

Oh I agree with you Linda....infinite amounts of SUNSHINE would make me a happy chappy :) Oh & an endless supply of chocolate & maybe a few more hours in each day! Heee :)

Lulu froufrou said...

Due with a little girl in early April Jess so can't say I would be as uncomfortable as you yet :) Melbourne weather has been so bad hasn't it. I think that's why I'm missing it so much and so eager for Summer to start.
Endless Chocolate would be great Claire xx

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