Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm still here...

just been a little pre-occupied. 

This baby suddenly feels (and looks) enormous and with 6 weeks left its all starting to feel like things are going to change soon. I finally found the motivation to get the babies room ready and began soaking, washing and folding the trillions of tiny clothes I somehow acquired with Louise.
I miss tinkering with my hairclips but every time I sit down to start getting creative my mind wanders and I usually end up sorting or cleaning or sleeping. I'm sure it will come back ~ I love making things.
Louise and I have been doing lots of "special" little outings - movies, lunches and walks through the park. As exciting as a new addition will be I hope I don't miss the one on one time I get with my little girl too much.


Melinda @ Here We Go Loopy Lou said...

Such an exciting time Linda, enjoy it. I felt the same way before my 2nd was born, but as soon as he joined our family, it just felt right, like he had always been there and was always meant to be there. Same with number 3!

malea said...

What precious belly shots! I found that my creative mojo went AWOL when preggers too - but it comes back, especially if you have another little one to inspire you.

Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

Oh Linda! What an exciting, special time! I bet your savouring every moment with Lou before your family becomes 4! I LOVE the photos! Lou will be such a proud Big Sister!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post Linda, cant believe only 6 weeks to go!
Love Jess

Mayka said...

How beautiful Linda and how lovely are those photo's!

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