Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lou's Room....

I'm joining in with Claire's meme today ~ she has asked to give you peep into one special room around the house. Seeing as I have been meaning show you Lou's new bedroom for quite sometime, I thought this would be a great opportunity. With the impending arrival of a new bubs we had to convert the hubby's office into a pretty pink bedroom for Louise.
Now, as major renos "might" be in our near future - I really didn't want to go and spend a heap of money on a temporary room. We kept the previous carpet and blinds and just added a new paint colour, shelf and some pretty little extras.

Please excuse the crappy photo - our camera died so i have to rely on iphone quality.

Hope you like it!!


Tamara said...

I love it! How long until your little bundle arrives? Hope you are well xo

Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

Oooh I love love love the pink with the white furniture! And her wooden letters name looks gorgeous! I bet she loves her new pink room :) Gorgeous job Linda! xo
{p.s. Ella has that same rainbow cushion :) Her new fave sleep aid}
Thanks for linking up!

Lulu froufrou said...

Thanks ladies - I've got about 3 weeks left but really feel like it could be anyday now... there is no way I could feel like this for 3 whole more weeks :P

Emma said...

Love it Linda! I've got an obsession with white furniture, it always looks gorgeous. That rainbow cushion is so cute!

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