Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fab New App...

Have you seen the new Woolworths iphone app? Its quite clever and I'm mighty impressed - iphone apps dont usually excite me much. The truth is Louise has more of her game apps on there than I have. But I am really loving this one - It has the easiest recipes on it, and a shopping list option that will tell you which isle your food is in at your local woollys. It has all the weekly specials listed and you can scan your items at home so you dont even have to type them in.
This is the Apple & Cinnamon tea cake - I was hoping to have more of the actual cake in the photo but it seemed to disappear before I could. I might have better luck with the Choc hazelnut oat biscuits.
Hope your having a nice weekend!

*This was not a sponsored post - I just really like the App!


ZippyZippy said...

Looks delicious!

Cat said...

We don't shop at Woollies but this might just tempt me to! Clever marketing by them. :) The cake looks yummy. x

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