Friday, August 12, 2011

Getting my craft on...

My poor neglected blog .... Oh how I miss you. Most times I sit down to write post  a little cry comes from the baby's room. Catnapping and blogs don't really mix I'm afraid.
However, Friday mornings is my little break from the monster preschooler so the house seems calmer and bubs can usually get a bigger nap. Today I indulged in a little crafting....  how cute is this?

I have a few to make but this was my first attempt.  I'm sure it will look so much better sitting on the cake I am yet to make. It's about to be birthday season around here and you know how much I love birthday craft. Hopefully I will be able to get some decent posts this year.

 For the ultimate in cuteness cake bunting you must head over to Twirling Betty's Made it store or if your willing to give it a go she has made a tutorial here in her fantastic blog !!

Happy weekend everyone!


Maxabella said...

So cute! It's good that you've found a little project to fit in between catnaps. I had a catnapper too and it was hard work!! x

Sannah said...

wow - that is gorgeous!

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