Monday, September 12, 2011

Birthday craft and a new vase...

We are getting ready for someone's party here .... Lou is just a little excited and has been helping me get some decorations ready. We are being super original and going with a fairy theme - Fairy love kicked in a couple of months back and she is mad on them.  

 We've been making cupcake toppers, goodie bag fillers and a heap of decorations. Its been nice to do something together during Evie's nap time. I must remember to take some photos this year.

We kicked off party season this weekend with a fab party of a dear friend's little one on Saturday and on Sunday we celebrated the terrible Melbourne weather by going out for Lunch with some friends. We really wanted to eat at our new favourite place but it must be everyone else's favourite new place too because it was packed with a 20min wait, so we went here instead which was yummo. Oh and I bought this.... how cute!!

Hope you had a great weekend!!

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Maxabella said...

I can never get enough of birthday crafting! I think I should do it full time. Your garland is absolutely fabulous and the fairy dust is going to be a total hit. Can't wait to see the party!! x

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