Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ikea wants

A new Ikea is about to open up on my side of the city and normally this wouldn't excite me that much but alas I'm stuck at home a lot with a new baby. Reading the newly arrived catalogue has been a great distraction from the amount of times I've been thrown up on this week.
Here is what I'm lusting after ,,,,
(and perhaps even brave enough to go pick up with 2 kids in tow) 


because you never have too many vases

thinking ahead for summer BBQs

How pretty would a yummy salad look in this bowl   

This should really be in the for the girls section but really it would be for me ~ I heart it lots

because these have got to be the cheapest I've seen ~ I wonder if they work?


I have been searching for cool fabric to make a new wall hanging in Lou's room - This is it!

because its wooden and has linen that comes with it and I'm over all the boxes around the house that we have made into beds for dolls

because its the cutest thing ever

I have one already but I'm getting another for mums house - this is by far the best $30 bucks you will ever spend on baby crap necessities - promise.


with wheels!
(for some reason hubby has never grasped the fact that dirty clothes don't just get washed by making a huge pile on the ground - this may help - wishful thinking I know)

ooh now I really want to go


willywagtail said...

Sorry to tell you that boxes all over the house is heaps more fun than a ready made wooden bed with linen covers. Love all the other goodies, especially the water carafe and the laundry basket on wheels. Cherrie

Lulu froufrou said...

Ah Cherrie I know - but I can dream can't I :)

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